Commercial Insurance in Ohio

If you own a business in Ohio, you should make it part of your business to ensure that you have the correct amount of commercial insurance to protect the investment of time, hard work, and money you have put into your business. Our team at Schneider Insurance Agency in Gahanna, OH and Newark, OH want to help business owners discover what coverage options are available in their area.

Commercial Auto Liability

In Ohio, all drivers must have at least a liability insurance policy to drive a motor vehicle legally, and business-owned vehicles are no exception. Also, any vehicles you or your employees drive for business purposes must have at least liability coverage.

Commercial Liability Insurance Coverage

Commercial liability insurance is critical to help you pay for the medical bills of any customer injured at your business or due to something associated with your business. This part of your policy can also help you in court if you are sued for libel, slander, or copyright infringement.

Commercial Property Insurance

If your business suffers damages from a natural disaster, vandalism, or a fire, this coverage option can help you rebuild your business and replace lost inventory. It can also assist you if your business is broken into and stolen items need replaced.

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