Renters Insurance in Ohio

Do you live in Ohio and rent a home, apartment, or condo? If so, you need to make sure that you keep your belongings protected at all times by obtaining renters' insurance. We offer many coverage options here at Schneider Insurance Agency with offices in Gahanna, OH and Newark, OH serving the Central Ohio communities. If there is a fire, storm damage, flooding, etc., your renters' insurance will cover you and replace your damaged items.

Renters Insurance Requirements

Renters' insurance is not required in Ohio. However, landlords may require renters to obtain insurance as a part of their lease. You should also know that the landlord's insurance will not cover any of your items if they were to become damaged in a fire, storm, etc.

Renters Insurance Coverage

Here is a list of things that renters' insurance will cover in the event of a loss:

  • Contents- This will protect your clothing, furniture, electronics, and other items in a fire, storm, etc.
  • Loss of use- This will reimburse you for living expenses if your home becomes uninhabitable. This loss must prevent you from temporarily living in your home and will reimburse you for things such as hotels, hotel parking, food, etc.
  • Medical payments- If someone is injured while on your property, this will help cover their medical or funeral expenses.
  • Building additions and alterations- This covers the damage made to alterations, fixtures, and additions you make to your home.
  • Personal liability- Now, you can get assistance paying for damage or bodily injury caused by an accident in your home.
  • Credit card protection- This will pay up to your selected limit for any unauthorized transaction on your credit cards and debit cards.


If you reside in Ohio and need a quote for renters' insurance, call us at Schneider Insurance Agency. We have offices in Gahanna, OH and Newark, OH and insure all areas of Ohio.

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