Recreational Insurance in Ohio

Recreational vehicles make life more fun in Ohio. But, they're also an investment with potential risks. It doesn't matter if your outdoor hobby takes you over water or through the snow. Around the country or across rough terrain. Having the right recreational insurance is essential for your peace of mind. Our brokers at Schneider Insurance Agency offer a variety of recreational insurance policies to cover your unique needs.

What is recreational insurance?

It's a type of policy that provides specialized coverage for recreational vehicles. It goes beyond what's provided in the standard auto insurance or homeowners' policy. You can add recreational insurance to your homeowner's insurance if you only use it on your property. You can add it to your auto insurance if you use it in public areas.

Why do I need recreational insurance?

Whether traveling through the mountains or valleys, recreational insurance grants you peace of mind. Count on Schneider Insurance Agency to get you the protection you need.

Who is recreational insurance for?

There are several instances where recreational insurance makes a good fit. Let's say you're financing a recreational vehicle. The lender might require you to have insurance to protect the asset. Also, your homeowners' insurance may have some gaps in it. This is usually true with recreational vehicles. If you own a recreational vehicle, you can benefit from getting an apology for it.

What types of vehicles does recreational insurance cover?

There are several types of vehicles that recreational insurance covers. These include mopeds, motorhomes, and trailers. This also extends to campers, dirt bikes, ATVs, golf carts, snowmobiles, scooters, and dune buggies. These are the types of vehicles you can use on your property, but you can also use them in public areas. Recreational Insurance can provide you with the following protection:

  • Medical payments coverage
  • Collision coverage
  • Safety apparel coverage
  • Increase liability limits

Fun-loving residents of Ohio can benefit from recreational insurance. Contact us at Schneider Insurance Agency serving Central Ohio with offices in Gahanna and Newark, OH today!

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