Umbrella Insurance in Ohio

Home and auto insurance policies are important for protecting yourself in case of accidents and other issues. When you have these policies, they each contain some liability coverage, but it often is too little to pay for the medical bills and other expenses after serious accidents. That's why so many people are getting umbrella insurance. It gives you extra coverage just where you need it. Give us a call at Schneider Insurance Agency at one of our offices in Gahanna, OH and Newark, OH if you need umbrella insurance in the Central Ohio area.

Umbrella, Home, and Auto Insurance

Umbrella insurance works a bit differently from most other types of insurance. It works with policies that you already have to boost their coverage. When you have home and auto policies, the liability coverage inside them can pay for expenses such as lost wages and medical bills after an accident. However, if you don't have enough of this coverage, you could face bills that are still due even after your insurance company has paid as much. This can mean paying out thousands of dollars even when you have insurance. Umbrella insurance gives you more liability coverage for both of these policies so that you won't have those overages.

Low-Cost Liability Coverage

If you know that you need more liability coverage for your home and auto policies, you may not know how expensive it is to add this coverage directly onto both of these policies. It can be prohibitively expensive to add to both home and auto insurance by altering the policies. However, umbrella insurance is inexpensive and offers an enormous amount of coverage for a low price. It's a far more cost-effective method for ensuring you have the coverage you need.

Get Umbrella Coverage

In Ohio, you can contact us for your umbrella insurance needs and other types of coverage. Call us at Schneider Insurance Agency to get started if you are in Blacklick, New Albany, Granville, Plain City or anywhere in Ohio. We are here to serve you!

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