What To Do After An Accident?

Especially in the winter, car accidents are terrible. Cold weather with a disabled car can be a frightening circumstance, but if you keep your wits about you, these tips from your insurance agents at Schneider Insurance Agency, serving the greater Gahanna, OH community, can help you get through the first hour after an accident.

What To Do After An Accident?

Get To The Side But Don’t Drive Away

If it’s possible, if your car can be driven, make sure that you get over to the shoulder so that traffic can pass freely. Do not drive your car away from the scene of an accident. Once you’re as safe as you can make yourself, call 911. Especially when you’re in traffic, the sooner police arrive the better. If your car can’t leave the roadway, the police will be able to cordon off the road behind you and around you, creating a lane of safe passage for other vehicles so you can get out.

Exchange Information With The Other Driver

You’ve been told this since you were in driver’s ed. When you’re in an accident you have to exchange insurance information with the other driver. It’s not just the law, it’s also a good idea. Your insurance agent at Schneider Insurance Agency serving Gahanna OH can help you know what information you need to share so that you can be on the road and get your vehicle towed quickly.

Don’t Admit Fault, but Be Courteous

Ohio is an at-fault state for auto accidents. Any admission of fault in the case of an auto accident will result in fault being assigned to you.

Take Photos To Document The Damage

Collisions are scary, but you need to make sure that the damage to your car and the other car is documented. You are responsible for all accident damage, but only the accident damage.

Get Auto Insurance Today

You don’t want to be without adequate coverage in case of an accident. Give our insurance experts at Schneider Insurance Agency in Gahanna, OH a call, and we’ll get you started.