Top 5 Ohio Commercial Insurance Myths Debunked

Are you a small business owner and thinking about investing in commercial business insurance? Don’t let the size of your business keep you from making a sound financial investment to protect your company. 

Many small business owners make the mistake of thinking that they can’t afford (or don’t need) commercial insurance. Schneider Insurance Agency debunks five common myths about commercial insurance for small business owners in Gahanna, OH.

5 Myths About Commercial Insurance

Myth #1. Small businesses don’t need commercial insurance. 

The size of your business doesn’t prevent it from facing the same challenges as mega-sized corporations when it comes to property damage, data loss, or data theft from cyberattacks. 

Myth #2. My business insurance covers all types of liability, so I don’t need it. 

While standard business insurance may cover certain liability costs, this general insurance may not be what you need. 

Myth #3. Having worker’s compensation insurance is optional. 

Most employers in Ohio are required to have adequate worker’s compensation insurance. This mutually beneficial protection helps replace lost wages and pay medical expenses for employees who are injured on the job. 

Myth #4. I can’t afford to buy commercial insurance.

Ohio commercial insurance is surprisingly affordable when you have the right rate or even bundle your commercial insurance. 

Schneider Insurance Agency in Gahanna, OH can help you find the best commercial insurance policy to protect your business. 

Myth #5. My auto insurance policy is enough to cover my business fleet. 

If you own and operate a fleet of trucks, cargo vans, and other commercial vehicles, your personal auto insurance policy doesn’t offer enough insurance to cover them. 

Get Commercial Insurance in Ohio 

Are you a small business owner looking for commercial insurance in Gahanna, OH? Contact Schneider Insurance Agency to get a commercial insurance quote and protect your business operations today!