Three pieces of information you’ll need to provide when you buy auto insurance

Auto Insurance in Gahanna, OH: Know What Information to Provide

At Schneider Insurance Agency, we simplify the auto insurance process by providing you with details pertinent to insuring your vehicle in Gahanna, OH. Here are three types of information you need to provide when purchasing auto insurance.

Driver’s License Details

The first piece of information required by auto insurance providers is your driver’s license details, including your license number and expiration date. Be sure to have your license on hand when requesting a policy.

Vehicle Information

Insurance providers require information about the vehicle you aim to insure. This entails giving your insurance provider your vehicle’s make, model, year, and VIN. All necessary details can be found on your vehicle title, so keep it ready when purchasing auto insurance.

Details of Policy-covered Drivers

Only drivers listed on an auto insurance policy can count on coverage when operating the insured vehicle. If multiple individuals drive your vehicle, say your teenage children, make sure your insurance provider is aware. If you need coverage for an additional driver, discuss this with your provider to ensure all drivers are covered.

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