Can Commercial Insurance Protect Merchandise from Theft?

For business-owning residents of Gahanna, OH, our team of qualified insurance professionals at Schneider Insurance Agency wants to ensure that your commercial enterprise has all of the protections it needs to succeed in our commercial insurance policies. As any business owner will know, retail theft is a common cause of suffering for businesses. When your store or other business is taking a hit from stolen merchandise, you may feel helpless.

You may also wonder what you can do on a practical level to financially recover from this problem. Commercial insurance policies may vary in terms of their limits and what they can cover. Still, you might find that a commercial insurance policy could protect your business against theft in certain qualifying ways.

Could a Commercial Insurance Policy Help Protect Merchandise from Theft?

Whether you notice a theft problem during your quarterly inventory assessment or you see tags from merchandise stuffed in fitting rooms and other areas of your store without the matching item in sight, you may feel hopeless and worry that your business is doomed. After all, when a piece of merchandise is stolen from the sales floor, it takes away your opportunity to sell that item and make a profit. What’s more, it eats into your profits since your business has already spent money on stocking that item. 

Some commercial insurance policies may cover the costs of replacing stolen merchandise. Others might not. To determine whether your commercial insurance policy covers stolen merchandise, you should speak with one of our agents. If your policy doesn’t already have retail theft coverage, you might need to get other types of coverage to qualify for this protection.

To discover how you can protect your business with our policies in Gahanna, OH, call Schneider Insurance Agency.