Preparing your Ohio home for an emergency

When it comes to preparing your Ohio home for an emergency, there are some simple tips that can work for almost any emergency that might arise. In Gahanna, OH the Schneider Insurance Agency can prepare you for a home emergency by making sure that you have the correct home insurance coverage. Nothing is worse than finding out after an emergency that your coverage is woefully lacking. 

Preparing your Ohio home for an emergency

Buy a generator

Generators come in many types, sizes, and prices. You can have a full-house generator that will turn on automatically if your electricity turns off. You can get a much smaller unit that will keep your food from spoiling and give you heat, water, and air conditioning in an emergency. Whatever you choose, if you ever lose power, it can be a lifesaver. 

Have a plan

Every homeowner needs to have an escape plan. You need a plan that can get every member of the family out of the house but also a plan to get all of you to a safe location. Map out several different routes so that you are sure that one of them will be available. Roads may become blocked, flooded, or impassable. 

Stock up

It is important to have bottled water, food that doesn’t require cooking, extra batteries, candles, flashlights, and things that can help you get by if you are not able to get out of your home. Having a grill with a burner will allow you to cook or have a camp stove to make coffee or tea. If you have a generator, you will need to have extra gasoline to keep it running. 

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